"In The Beginning...

...God created trucks. And He saw that it was good."
Like these 15mm Flames of War [Battleline] WWII Italian trucks I will be using for the Western Desert.
Pretty nifty, huh?  Granted, I don't know if Th' Big Guy could do as good a job as myself without His access to an X-acto knife.
Moving along from that, not all of my work is perfection personified. Take fr'instance my 15mm Plastic Soldier Company's 'Early War' WWII [hard plastic] Germans mounted on tongue depressors. See the colour of the pants ni the photo below?  They're supposed to be dark grey, not the same colour as the greenish fieldgrey coats. The grey ran/dissolved after I used 'Rommel Shade' ink during an intermediate stage I thought I'd cleverly slip in to darken up the trousers a bit. I now have to repaint these infantry figures...along with 40 more of their batch of buddies.


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