Below are two photos containing contrasts between 15mm Flames Of War [Battleline] WWII German motorbikes vs Old Glory [Command Decision] figures of the same figure. FoW are on the left; OG are on the right.

Clearly, due to the smaller size of the Old Glory models, these figures should not be mixed together in the same unit.  Or quite possibly even the same army. (Technically, the FoW models portray BMW bikes and the OG bikes are Zundapps, but who cares.) However, many miniatures wargame rules allow for command stands, various sorts of observers, and other recon units. Hopefully I can find a way to bury everything within those categories without these differences being too conspicuous.

Speaking of German motorbikes, I include a photo below of another Flames Of War [Battleline] motorbike & sidecar. This one is first prepared with black primer before I later attached the machinegun to the sidecar.


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