"..'De plans! 'De plans!"

I'd almost forgotten that my very first bona fide wargame I played against a friend in grade 6 was Waddington's Games' Macarthur:

Shortly after, we continued to play his other Waddington's title, Patton, wherein the main scenario (of 3) is...Sicily!

Fast forward 38 years and we have this version from S&T:

Ah, yes. Nothing like a hexgrid map + ye trusty CRT to put a spring back into Adolf Hitler's goose step.

Meanwhile on the home front, I'm assembling and gluing some Commonwealth armour for said campaign. I recently bought one box of 5 M4A4 Shermans [aka Sherman V] from Plastic Soldier Company wherein one can build either 75mm main gun turrets or the modified 17 pounder 'Firefly' version. (A very good and affordable model kit, btw.) To compare and contrast, if you were a Panzer truppen, which enemy Sherman tank shown below would you shoot at first?...


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